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Pooklet'd Hairs

The Biggest List of Pooklet'd Hairs This Side of LJ!

The Big List of Pooklet'd Hairs!
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Lists of all the hairs retextured using Pooklet's textures and colours.
Welcome to Pooklet'd Hairs!

Are you a big fan of Pooklet's hair textures/colours, but can never find the hair you want, in their textures and colours? Then look no further than pookletd_hairs! Here you will find just about every hair that has been retextured using Pooklet's textures. Bear in mind, that there are quite a few hairs out there, so it will take a lot of time to get them all linked here.

What is a "Pooklet"?
There may be quite a few of you out there who have no idea who or what a "Pooklet" is. "Pooklet" is actually a person of the simming community who came up with their very own hair textures, and 40+ colours to match. Their textures and colours are very popular, with a vast amount of simmers choosing to use Pooklet's textures/colours.

How to Send Us Links
Commenting is currently disabled on all list entries. This means, that if you have found a hair that has been retextured, and has not been added to the appropriate list, you need to PM the mod who posted the appropriate entry. PMing a mod who didn't post the appropriate entry is going to get you nowhere, as we cannot edit eachother's entries. Also, be sure to check if the link you have to offer us is not already on the list; we don't need people telling us x hair is here when it has already been listed.

Requests may be taken, but only once all the lists are up. Once that happens, we would appreciate it a lot if you could follow the rules below when posting for a request.

Rules for posting a request:

Currently closed; but rules will be kept here until/or in the event we decide to open them.

1. Check before you ask! It is important to double check that the hair you're requesting has not already been retextured. However, if you would like it retexturing in a different way to the ones that have already been done, please say so.
2. The title of your post should begin with "(Request) NAME OF HAIR Retexture". Within the post should contain your wishes as to how you want the hair retextured. E.g. Do you want it retexturing in Pooklet's V1 textures, or V3? Naturals or Unnaturals?
3. Politeness always helps. Remember, it's a request, not a demand.

As a general rule, please be nice to everyone here, and any rude/offensive/nasty comments will be deleted and you will be banned from this community.

Thank you and enjoy :D

Questions? Comments? Hair submissions?
If you have any questions regarding the community, contact one of the mods via PM. As above, if you have found hairs that have been retextured with Pooklet's textures and have not been added to the current lists, please PM the appropriate mod with the url, and name of the hair.

Current Mods:


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